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Company Update

A person’s disobedience to rules and laws can lead to violations. Small and frequent violations can result in large and dangerous violations for the company. Within the company, non-compliance can occur in all groups from staff to managerial levels. Therefore, as a first step PT. Champion Pacific Indonesia Tbk conducted a thorough socialization to all employees. The goal is that the company has good corporate governance (Good Corporate Governance).
We socialize this compliance through our subsidiaries, namely PT Avesta Continental Pack and PT Indogravure. For the Supervisor level to the Board of Directors we will do it on November 17, 2021 and November 24, 20211 online. The material presented was about Anti-Bribery, Anti-Harassment, Frauds, Anti-Monopoly, Integrity. This material is expected to provide awareness to the managerial level that when leading an organization, knowledge is needed so as not to make mistakes – bribery, gratification, harassment, fraud, antimonopoly. And should be able to set an example to subordinates.
For employees at Executing level to Assistant supervisor, we will do it on December 30, 2021 and January 3, 2022 and we will do it face-to-face with due observance of health protocols.
Through this event, we hope that internal communication within the company can run in two directions, and also for employees at the executive level to not hesitate to reveal the truth of an event if there is indeed an indication of a violation of frauds or other matters in accordance with compliance. The company provides a Whistle Blowing System (WBS) facility as a reporting medium and each report must be accountable.

It is an integrated management system that is compiled, implemented and maintained to regulate materials, production processes, products, human resources and procedures in order to maintain the sustainability of the halal production process in accordance with the requirements of LPPOM MUI. The purpose of implementing the halal assurance system is to provide guarantees for product halalness and maintain halal production in accordance with LPPOM MUI requirements.

The benefit for companies by implementing the Halal Assurance System is that companies can compete in the primary packaging industry, especially at the national level, this is due to the issue of global halal product market trends in 2021; increase customer confidence in the guarantee of halal products.

Halal Assurance Certification

November 1971 was the beginning of PT. Indogravure was founded, and at that time we were the first company to use the Rotogravure printing press.

We have faced many challenges and obstacles during this journey, but we have been able to survive until now and are able to face challenges that are increasingly difficult from year to year.

This is inseparable from the support of all parties, such as material suppliers who always support us, customers who always trust us and for all employees who always support the company’s operations.

In 2021, PT Indogravure celebrates its 50th anniversary which is a golden year for us. We are holding this birthday celebration in a simple way considering that we are still in a state of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, this does not reduce our meaning and gratitude because we are still able to survive until now. It is also a challenge for us to continue to be the best flexible packaging company in Indonesia.