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It is an integrated management system that is compiled, implemented and maintained to regulate materials, production processes, products, human resources and procedures in order to maintain the sustainability of the halal production process in accordance with the requirements of LPPOM MUI. The purpose of implementing the halal assurance system is to provide guarantees for product halalness and maintain halal production in accordance with LPPOM MUI requirements.

The benefit for companies by implementing the Halal Assurance System is that companies can compete in the primary packaging industry, especially at the national level, this is due to the issue of global halal product market trends in 2021; increase customer confidence in the guarantee of halal products.

Halal Assurance Certification

We are preparing our newest product which we will launch soon. To meet customer needs and expand our market segment, we will soon launch our newest product, a pouch with a spout that can be used according to your needs.
This packaging is very suitable for products such as Liquid Soap, Shampoo, Oil, Cosmetics and others.
We already have experience in companies under Fujimori Kogyo., Ltd. located in Japan and Thailand.

You can choose from 3 different Spout types, according to your needs.

Spout Product
  1. Spout I : Diameter 5 mmSmall Bag Type, which is Ideal for low viscosity goods
  2. Spout II : Diameter 8.7 mmStandard Type, can be used for all types of needs
  3. Spout III : Diameter 11 mmLarge Bag Type, which is ideal for high viscosity items

For more information please contact us.

Is a standard issued by ISO regarding “Primary Packaging Materials for Medicinal Products”. The standard of this system identifies the principles of GMP and determines the requirements for a quality management system that applies to the main packaging materials of medicine. The purpose of implementing this quality management system is to ensure that packaging materials meet the needs and requirements of the pharmaceutical industry, applicable laws and regulations and other international standards. In addition, this standard also guarantees that employees related to Occupational Health and Safety will remain protected.

The benefits for companies by implementing the ISO 15378:2017 standard are that companies can develop business in the pharmaceutical primary packaging industry, both nationally and internationally, especially in the Asian region, Increase customer trust in product and service quality, Increase company productivity and Recognize the risks and opportunities in improving the quality of products and services.

Product Structure

Packaging is a protection for the safety of product contents

The selection of the right packaging structure according to the product content is important to keep the product clean, hygienic and free from contamination.




This structure is usually used for products that are stable and the contents are not much affected by direct sunlight, can be used for packaging medicine, food and also products for daily household needs.




This product is commonly used for products that require high & strength barrier, such as products containing Effervescent, Aroma and other active substances that are sensitive to the transmission of gas / aroma, water vapor and direct sunlight.




Used for products that require a high barrier to sunlight, gas and water vapor, and require a product filling process at a lower temperature, generally for multivitamin packaging.



Commonly used for packaging stable products, such as Paracetamol medicine, Ulcer medicine, Diarrhea medicine and Hair tonic.


PTP For Blister


Commonly used for packaging stable products, such as Paracetamol medicine, Ulcer medicine, Diarrhea medicine and Hair tonic.


Deep Drawn Tray

Deep Drawn Tray


Used for packaging multivitamins that need a high barrier to sunlight.


Polypaper 1


Used for packaging products that do not require a high barrier, such as for packaging sugar or tea for the hospitality industry, silica gel and others.


Polypaper 2

Used for packaging products that do not require a high barrier, such as for packaging sugar or tea for the hospitality industry, silica gel and others.



This structure is commonly used for products that require high rigidity and are easy to form, such as composite cans for oil, food chips and also for packaging such as cones for ice cream.


Our Portfolio

We make high quality product packaging

We make the highest quality packaging for each customer product from various segments

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Production Process

New GMP Building

We have a new building with an area of ​​1.248 m2 which is intended to apply GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards to meet customer needs for quality products produced by hygienic, safe and controlled processes. Since 2018 ISO 15378:2017 has been implemented for Blister products which are requirements for a quality management system for manufacturers of pharmaceutical primary packaging materials and medical devices.

Production Process


Printing rotogravure at PT Indogravure starting from pre-press to printing is carried out in a controlled environment with 9 color stations capable of serving customer requests with high design complexity and supported by accurate control registers. Therefore, our printing results have good quality.

Production Process


Lamination is the process of coating printed results which aims to add a protective layer/barrier or sealant to the final product. Supported by our experienced employee and high accuracy machines, we are able to produce high quality laminates in good evenness and thickness.

Production Process


The Slitting process changes the jumbo roll into a roll with the size according to the customer’s requirment which is carried out in the Clean room area. We are very concerned about the hygiene of the products we made.

Production Process

Bag Making

Bagmaking is a supporter of the production line who is responsible for making ready-to-use bag packaging. We are able to produce various types of pouches according to customer needs such as center seal, 4 side seal and gusset.

Shape Product

Indogravure Continuously Improves Its Design

The development of various products in the market is a challenge to make packaging that is in accordance with the content and designation of the product.

Spout Pouches


  • More practical in use.
  • More attractive appearance.
  • Save space and shipping costs.
  • Cheaper than using bottle packaging.
  • Can be printed on all packaging surfaces with high image resolution
  • The shape, type, position and size of the spout can be adjusted to the size of the packaging to be used.
  • Using materials that are more efficient than the materials used for making bottles, environmentally friendly, and recyclable.

Standing Pouches/ Doypack


  • The selling price is more affordable.
  • Sizes vary, ranging from 50 grams, 100 grams, 250 grams, 500 grams, 1000 grams to 2 kg.
  • The structure of packaging materials in the form of aluminum foil, plastic, kraft paper and laminates of various compositions as needed.
  • This type of packaging can also be equipped with a zipper lock to make the packaging easy to open and close. It is more practical and preferred by consumers, because the remaining contents of the packaging are more durable.
  • The bottom side has aan oval surface shape. This packaging type can stand upright when placed on a shelf, making it easier for consumers to see the name, brand and product information. This stand pouch packaging model is the most choosen packaging form.

Center Seal Pillow Pouch


  • This type of packaging is one of the most economical forms of packaging widely used in the market.
  • The structure of the material used can be plastic lamination, metalized lamination, paper lamination and also Aluminum foil lamination.
  • Widely used for food packaging that is light in weight and does not require a long service life, such as instant noodles, sugar, coffee, snacks, powdered milk that is included in the box and others.
  • The seal is located on the back extending along the entire length of the bag, thus it is referred to as a “Back Seal Pouch or T Seal”. The top or bottom side is usually left open to fill the product. Once filled, it looks like a pillow.

Gusset Side Seal/ Gusset Center Seal Pouch


  • The structure of Gusset packaging materials varies depending on needs. The structure can be plastic laminate, metalized laminate and can also be aluminum foil laminate.
  • Widely used for packaging powdered products such as detergent, milk in boxes and for bean-shaped products such as coffee. Rarely used for products in the form of paste or liquid.
  • The gusset packaging is a quite unique and interesting form of packaging because the shape of this product will be in the form of a box that bulges in the middle like a pillow when it is filled. Therefore is called pillow packaging.

Side Seal & Spout Side Seal Pouch

side seal

  • The price of sachet products is usually cheaper.
  • Concise product concept usually for one time use.
  • Sachet packaging can also have additional accessories such as zipper and spout.
  • Some travel pack products are very attractive when packaged in sachet sizes, such as shampoo, liquid soap, toothpaste, and make up.
  • This type of packaging is practical, mini size, easy to carry anywhere, easy to open, and very light making this type of sachet packaging very popular.
  • Products that are included in this compact package can also function as sample products so that consumers can know and get to know the products that are offered first.
  • Three side seal bag (Sachet) is a type of packaging that has been sealed on all three sides on the left, right, and bottom. Customers can enter the product through the top side and then seal it and the packaging is tightly closed.

Sheet product


  • The work takes longer because it has to be done sheet by sheet.
  • The structure of the materials used are generally Blister (PTP), aluminum lamination, plastic lamination and metalize and paper lamination.
  • Product packaging materials for this sheet/sheet model are widely used for lids or tray covers such as frozen worms, also for cup covers/plastic bottle containers such as for scrubs, yogurt and others.

Quality Control

We Ensure Our Product in Best Quality

Quality is our priority in producing products. We carry out several stages of testing for each raw material and the results of the production process. Tests are carried out by our employees who are competent and have the best ability.

To ensure the best results, we are always trying to make updates to be able to adjust the test according to customer needs.

Using the best test facilities and careful monitoring of the production process ensures product quality is in accordance with strict company standards. 

We are also committed to customer satisfaction and trust regarding complaint reports. We are always ready to coordinate with customers and related parties to take corrective actions and find solutions to produce better product quality.

We are also ready to provide technical assistance and support to customers to resolve product-related issues. If desired, our engineers can also visit their facility to resolve the problem on the spot.


Research & Development

We are a different kind of company!

Research and Development Department PT. Indogravure is the initial stage carried out which has the function of making product formulations, including for new products to suit customer needs or specifications. We do this starting from the material analysis process to the customer’s machine process.

We provide our best service to customers for each process as below;

  • Generating ideas for design concept development
  • Optimization of processes and the implementation on production machines
  • Sustainable packaging related to costs and materials.
  • Support across all project phases Strengthen customer relationships.

In addition, Innovation is one of our main focuses and strengths. Continuous innovation is carried out to support the growing needs of customers and also to be well integrated when used by customers and consumers.

We create several products such as Polycellonium, Polycello, Polypaper, Polymetalized, Polynium, PTP Blister, Polypanium both in roll form and in pouch form such as 3 Side Seal, Gusset, Center Seal and Standing Pouch.

We always try our best to be able to meet the needs of our customers.

Our Customer

Our Customer Industry

We provide high quality packaging for all industry segments such as Pharmaceutical, Food, Agrochemical, Cosmetics and others according to customer requirements.