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We realized that the quality of human resources is needed to support productivity and activities to reach company’s goals. Management has responsibility and commite to improving competence through appropriate training and rewards. It aims to create qualified, focused and dedicated Human Resources.

We opens opportunities for you to pursue a career in PT. Indogravure, both professional and fresh graduate.



Management Representative Division

I started working at PT. Indogravure since 2016 as an intern after I graduated from college. However, after the internship process was completed, the company gave me the opportunity to work as one of the staff.
My current job is as a staff member of the Representative Management Division and my job is to handle the 5R program, Customer Audit and others.
Although at first I found it difficult to carry out my work, but with my efforts and hard work, as well as support from people around, made me who I am today.
The significant difference that I felt when I first started working here was that I only worked based on instructions from my superiors. However, over time, I started to be able to work on the initiative and PT. Indogravure provides an opportunity for me to develop my potential and listen to employees’ opinions for the betterment of the company. I feel that I have grown and developed after joining PT Indogravure. I feel that I have developed in various aspects, both personally and in working knowledge based on company direction or policy and it makes me proud that I can be a part of PT. Indoravure.”

Kresna Dwipayana (26 Years)

Marketing Department

“I started working as part of the QC Department of PT Indogravure since 2019. This company provides different experience and knowledge as a QC staff compared to my previous company, and in my opinion, this is a challenge to keep trying and adapting to this situation. After 2 years of my journey in the QC Department, the company gave me the opportunity to work in the Marketing Department as a Marketing Administration Staff.
Currently, I am working as a marketing administration staff for several big pharmaceutical company in Indonesia. I have a responsibility to be able to communicate properly and correctly and provide accurate information regarding product information, prices, delivery of finished goods and others. Not only with external parties, but also responsible for coordinating received order from customers to the internal production process until the orders become finished goods according to customer requirement and delivered on time.
I feel very happy to be able to work at PT Indogravure because of the comfortable work environment supported by solid teamwork. I hope to continue to improve my abilities here for a better career in the future.”


I Ketut

Marketing Department

“Starting from my passion for working to sell goods, I became interested in job vacancies at PT. Indogravure at that time. 2001 was the beginning of my career here, so this year I have worked and served here for 20 years. As a part of the marketing department, we have faced many challenges to get to where we are today. The attitude of personal discipline and the marketing team when carrying out work is the main key that I hold to solve these challenges.
In my opinion, although there are still many things that need to be improved both internally and externally, we continue to strive to resolve these problems. As part of the marketing department, we have challenges how to continue to survive and develop the market even in challenging conditions like today.
I am very proud to be able to work at PT. Indogravure, a company that has been around for 50 years and we as the vanguard continue to strive and compete to become the best flexible packaging company in Indonesia.”


Agus Solihin

Production Department

“Initially I joined PT. Indogravure as a design department according to my educational background.
Works at PT. Indogravure for 30 years, I got the opportunity from the company to work in different departments and now I am part of the Production Department.
During that time, I felt a very big change in PT. Indogravure towards a better direction and I myself feel that I have grown and developed with this company.
I am very proud to work here and PT. Indogravure is an inseparable part of me and I feel PT. Indogravure is my second home.”


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